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Superb and unique to us caddy conversion which as you can see is absolute qaulity, providing some great aplliances and layout, along with stacks of storage given the size of the camper

We have made good use of the maxi storage that is under the front seats and then reaches far behind and under the floor,not to mention all the storage in the furiture unit and under the R&R bed

FLOOR: Altro flooring ,hard wearing, not the cheap lino thats tears

and marks

FURNITURE BOARD: Lightwieght Vohringer double sided units that

are hand built in our wksp

ROCK N ROLL BED/SEAT (2 Birth) x2 seat belts fitted..made and supplied to us from a third party bed manufacturer, absolute qaulity, very comfy with Bentley stitch pattern with easy slide out,slide back function.MOT COMPLIANT

FRIDGE: large 35 Ltr 2 way fridge 12v & 240v mains ..plug in the orange hook up cable and the fridge comes on with mains..then whilst traveling flick the panel switch on for 12v supply.

COOKER: Twin Gas hobs with sink and safety cut out flame, can cook inside or outside due to the slding door next to the cooker

WATER BOTTLES: Fresh and Waste,easily accessed

WATER TAP: Automatic tap pumps water from container, when tap is turned on, and then the waste water goes to the waste bottle inside

TV: 12v Freeview with magnetic roof aerial,and remote,crystal clear picture simply retune the TV at each new location.

12v LIGHTS: x2 LED roof lights, and changing colour mood remote controlled strip lights, and a metal flexy light near the cooker


Mains 240v hook up, with 3 pin socket for appliances,with circuit breaker

12v Leisure battery

25m Long hook up cable provided, for use at site or at home with adaptor provided

Single 3 pin 240v appliance plug fitted on the tallboy unit above the bed


240-12v Mains Transformer,when hooked up it charges the battery

and also fitted is a

SPLIT RELAY CHARGER..whenever the engine is running it charges the leisure battery as well, but isolates the veh battery from the camper electrics so that the veh battery does not go flat

GAS BOTTLE: 907 new full bottle fitted in secure Metal Locker,with gas drop.

PORTALOO: fits neatly in the front of the passenger seat or if you have passengers then it could just go behind the front seats on the floor.


see notes above


Rear curtain for barn doors

Front external windscreen cover,allowing privacy movement in the cab at night

Both sliding doors have curtains fitted, so all in all, you have complete privacy

Smoke alarm,fire extinguisher,Cargo net fitted